Train travelling tips for long train rides in India

Train travelling tips for long train rides in India

Indian railway today runs track for over 60,000 kilometres and connects about 7500 stations and pitstops. Overwhelming day of work right? The Indian railway system is the third-largest network in the world, nearly having 20 million travellers travelling every day! Train tours in India can vary from hysterical to adventurous rides. Hence here are a few tips you should know before stepping into the thrilling dimension “Dabba” (popular Indian address to train compartment).

  1. PNR status: keep in check with the updates on your train timings and documents from time to time. If you are planning to do an IRCTC booking, you can get notified with important information for the same.

  2. Toilet hours: Wake up early or sleep late. But avoid the busy washroom 8 to 10 am hour slot. Since trains touch every corner and culture of the country, hygiene becomes a crucial point to consider.

  3. Food & drinks: IRCTC also provides an internal railway canteen service. Other than this, every time your train halts, there is going to be a rush of food and drink vendors. This you can avoid unless you want to welcome diarrhoea.

  4. Cacophony sleep: Trains running, rail sounds, people talking, guitar playing and if it’s raining, then it’s, even more, a hard time to lie down and sleep. It’s true you still can sleep like a baby, all you need is to keep in check with essential sleeping gears like eye masks, silicone ear plugs etc.

  5. Keep your train ticket handy: Keep your tickets ready as ticket collectors come at the start of the journey. Why this tip? Because it will save you some time in finding your seats.

  6. Security: Keep your valuables and luggage locked. It’s always advisable to carry a body shoulder bag for your valuables.

These were some few tips you can take benefit from while travelling in trains. A train journey can leave one hair-messed bonkers and also the other in happy affairs. If you are new to the long railway trip, here are a few of the popular trains and their routes.

  1. Himalayan Queen: Popular for 102 tunnels, 87 bridges, and 99 curves, the Himalayan Queen sets her journey from Kalka (Haryana) to New Delhi.

  2. Golden Chariot: India’s royal and luxurious train with a logo of a lion and the head of an elephant symbolises the rich cultural heritage of Indians. Connects major tourist destinations in Karnataka, Goa, Kerala, and Tamil Nadu, as well as Pondicherry, in India.
  • Island Express: The Island Express departs at 10.30 a.m. and reaches Trivandrum in about two hours. The train fills with a pleasant lemony green colour as it drives through tropical gardens, tightly-packed palm trees, and long grassy vegetation. Therefore sitting in a general class can help ensure a breezy view through open windows and doors.

Train journeys are surely unpredictable but they also do come with a feeling of nostalgia. And you know you just can’t miss a sunset at a random railway station in an unknown city.

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