Alternative Holiday Ideas to Keep the Whole Family Happy

Alternative Holiday Ideas to Keep the Whole Family Happy

Make the Most of Your Trip

Move over, tents and hotels! Luxury camper van hire is the new holiday trend, and for good reason — with companies like Campervans offering what is essentially a hotel room on wheels for rent, one does not even have to make the long-term investment of buying one if they want to travel freely. Now that you’re packed and ready, let’s explore some options you and your family have for your journey.

Sandy Paradise

An instant classic, and for good reason. Most people would never turn down a day of lounging on the beach, especially if they can just drive right over and start tanning. Seaside hotels are notorious for their exorbitant fees, so if they’re removed from the equation, what’s stopping a family from a day of sunshine, swimming, and ice cream? Remember to park that van somewhere cool and shady (you’ll thank me later).

Keep It Moving

Who says you have to stay in one place? You have a home on wheels at your disposal, after all. When visiting a new area, you can hardly do it justice by only exploring things in the vicinity. Switch it up. Whether you’re following the Killers on tour, or there’s an intricate cave system a few miles away that your family wants to see more of, it’s as easy as turning on the engine. If you see a place you really like, make a stop there and pat yourself on the back for not staying at a bungalow, as you did last year.

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Big City Nights

This is an out-of-the-box idea initially seen on here. Maybe beach trips or the open road aren’t your cup of tea. Have you thought about a trip to the Big Ben or Tate Britain? Nothing’s stopping you. As long as you follow parking regulations, your city holiday could end up being easier to manage than you thought. If you want to start your journey in the morning, but your children still feel like they need a couple of hours of sleep, then camper vans were made for you. Your family can get ready while you’re already up and driving. Rush hour isn’t as scary now, is it?

Camper Van

It’s right there in the name, folks. Toasted marshmallows, scary stories around the fire, someone seemingly producing an acoustic guitar from thin air — it’s time for an old-fashioned family camping trip. This time, you can leave the sleeping bags at home, thanks to the modern comforts of luxury camper van hire. If you would love to live in the woods, but the very thought of pitching a tent, or waking up to a tar beetle staring at you makes you shudder, this is an ideal alternative.

Where are you off to?

As you read through all of these, your mind probably couldn’t help but conjure even more locations that would be easily accessible in a camper van. That’s the beauty of it. There’s no need to leave your homely comfort behind next time you go on holiday. Before you head off, an article by National Geographic that contains some preparation tips by seasoned adventurers can be found here.


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