Pros And Cons Of A Portable Car Umbrella

Pros And Cons Of A Portable Car Umbrella

A portable car roof umbrella [ร่มติดหลังคารถ which is the term in Thai] catches the attention of any car owner. While bulky carports were the ideal coverage for cars, they had so many disadvantages

The Disadvantages Of Fixed Carport


They are usually costly to install plus the materials they are of (wood, aluminum, and metal) are expensive to acquire and maintain especially pickup truck umbrellas.


Your car is only covered when parked outside as they are not mobile. In case of a trip, your vehicle is at the mercy of the earth’s elements.

Arduous Maintenance

The stress in maintaining the bulky carport leaves one exhausted. From time to time, you need to check if the metal carport is being affected by rain or if termites are feasting on the wooden carport. The cost of which to maintain (purchasing sprays and insecticides) or replace is enormous.

The Benefits Of Portable Car Umbrella

In purchasing the Portable car umbrella, you enjoy numerous benefits like;

Automatic Control System

Being designed with remote control, the car umbrella boycotts all complexities. In split seconds, you have the umbrella opened and covering your car, and vice versa for packing up the umbrella plus your anti-theft system on alert, saving you a lot of stress.


The car umbrella occupies lesser storage space in the trunk and can be moved around with unlike the large carports. You will be at ease in any weather condition, or outdoor event as your car is always protected even from theft.

Protection In Seasons

All car owners desire effective car coverage for their cars. With the car pickup cover [ร่มคลุมรถกระบะ which is the term in Thai], regardless of the weather season, your vehicle is secure from the scorching sun, hail, rain, and freezing weather, which can pose damage to your car and cause your loved ones to be discomfort in an outing. It has a solid steel frame that is sturdy. Also, it is waterproof and is Ultra Violet treated preventing the impact of sun rays on the car.

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