The 5 Best US Cities For Watersport Enthusiasts

The 5 Best US Cities For Watersport Enthusiasts

The United States has an incredible selection of watersports destinations, many of which are set among the country’s vast landscapes and stunning National Parks. However, those situated within urban areas needn’t feel too envious of such distant locations because there are, in fact, a number of cities suited for watersports enthusiasts.

Many such cities enjoy their own shores, even being situated against sprawling lakes or running alongside rivers. Others are only a stone’s throw away from incredible waterways, enabling residents to enjoy an adventure on any afternoon. So, if you’re a watersports enthusiast considering a potential move to a new city, then here are the five that should sit atop your list.


Without a doubt, Chicago remains one of the most architecturally beautiful cities in the world. But, one advantage it has over other locations is that the city sits beside Lake Michigan, which enables residents and visitors to admire the skyline and individual buildings from the water.

During the summer months, the city’s shores fill with paddleboarders, surfers, and kayakers, all over whom take to the lake, day and night, to bask in the cityscape while riding calm, safe waters.


Famous for its beaches and stunning weather, Miami’s beaches are ideal for those wanting to enjoy the water. In addition to great boarding communities, the city is also hosting to wakeboarding and jet ski groups too. Others, however, favor Miami as a watersports destination not solely for the water but the aquatic life it hosts, with dolphins being regular company throughout the year, making for memorable surfing experiences!

Los Angeles

For many surfers, LA is paradise. It hosts beaches famous for both their beautiful shores and for their excellent breaks, many of which have become legendary among the surfing community. Alongside this culture, other sports have also found a haven across the city’s waterfront with paddleboarding and diving societies expanding in Los Angeles each year.


Watersports don’t always necessitate sunshine and sand. A number of watersports enthusiasts want, instead, to immerse themselves beneath white mountains and verdant forests. Promising they can brave the colder climate, Juneau is one of the most remarkable destinations, delivering such vistas and more.

Perhaps the best reason to take to Juneau’s waters is to witness one of the most remarkable experiences, getting up close with a whale, which is a common occurrence in the city’s waters, with many whale watchers making a home in the area specifically to be among their natural beauty.


To speak of US watersports locations and not mention Hawaii would be a mistake. Not only are Honolulu’s beaches some of the most celebrated in the world but the island is also home to rivers and waterfalls, which are perfect for those wanting a space to paddle and relax in the sun.

For those seeking more adrenaline, there are also a number of institutions established to support parasailing too, allowing residents to experience the landscapes from both the water and air simultaneously.

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