For Salsa Dance Lovers Traveling To Huston- Find The Best Places Around!

For Salsa Dance Lovers Traveling To Huston- Find The Best Places Around!

Who doesn’t like twist and roll their bodies on music sometimes? Speaking of the same, Salsa dancing is quite popular and appreciated around the globe. Originated from Puerto Rico and Cuban folk dances, salsa dancing classes have acquired attention from Houston, city in Texas. 

Houston, every year, welcomes travelers around the world who appreciates Salsa culture in the best of the community. And if you are one of the travelers exploring different places in the city for salsa dancing delight, you might not want to miss out on the best upcoming events: 

Calendar of Salsa Events in Houston: 


  • Free Kizomba Monday Afro-Latin Salsa at El Big Bad 


  • Free Sexy Bachata Lessons at Omni Salsa Dance Studio


  • Free Tropical Salsa at Fabian’s Latin Flavors


  • Free Salsa &Bachata Thursday Tropical Social at Lawless Spirits & Kitchen


  • Latin Beats at Downtown Aquarium


  • Princess Dance Series at Studio NiaMoves
  • Salsa Pro at Paparruchos Bar
  • El Pueblito Salsa & Bachata Mixer at El Pueblito Patio


  • Salsa Sunday at Omni Salsa Dance Studio
  • Sunday Tropical Social at Rockey’s Piano Bar

As a matter of fact, people who might not be expert in dancing, they enjoy the social gathering and feel happy of the salsa dancing Houston style. And that’s why even most of the travelers are attracted to the salsa events in the city. You might not get t experience this confidence and happiness every time, so make the best use of it! 

And why not! After all, you plan a trip to explore what really makes you happy. And salsa is definitely one hidden treasure in that box!So what are you waiting for now? Join the best of salsa night in Houston and get lost in the magical music!

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