What is an A2 key English level Exam and Why it is mandatory in the Visa Process?

What is an A2 key English level Exam and Why it is mandatory in the Visa Process?

Overview of A2 English Level Exam:

An A2 English level exam is conducted to determine how effective you are in basic English. The purpose of this exam is to check your communication. Once you pass this exam, it gives you the confidence that you can easily pursue your education in foreign countries without facing language problems. This exam contains 6 levels of references; three blocks, i.e., A or basic user, B or independent user, C or proficient user), which are in turn divided into two sublevels 1 and 2.

Skills at level A2 English Test: 

One of the questions may come in your mind: what language skills describe an individual who can prove he has a level A2 in English? The CEFRL indicates the following-

  • He/She can understand sentences effectively related to areas such as very basic and personal family information, places of interest, shopping, education, and employment.
  • He/She can convey a straightforward, everyday task to the instructor effectively.
  • He/She can describe in basic terms parts of his/her, past condition, environment, and matters related to his/her needs.

A new pattern of A2 English Test

One of the significant changes found in the A2 level English test is the removal of the spelling test and added a picture story task which allows learners to demonstrate narrative as well as transactional writing.

Where can you take an English language test for your visa application process?

Trinity College SELT centres in London is the place where A2 level English tests are conducted. These are also several organizations which offer you English courses so that you can easily pass this exam. They offer you revision material and helpful information regarding this test to the applicants. While appearing in this exam, don’t forget to keep your passport ID, BRP or any personal identity card with you.

Your result will usually be sent at your email ID within 21 days of taking the test. These tests can be used as proof that you are an ideal applicant for a visa.

The Impact of introducing A2 requirement

This new English assessment test impacts on parents and partners applying for further leave to remain in the UK after 2.5 years. Applicants who have appeared in this exam and got failed have joined the English skill learning courses. These English learning course programs help individuals to pass the a2 English test

If you want to remain in the UK further as a partner or parent, you need to pass this test. If you have a little knowledge of this test, you can join the online English course program that helps you in appearing and passing the exam effortlessly.

Final Say

We hope this comprehensive guide on the A2 English level test helps you a lot. If you also want to appear in this exam and don’t know the procedure, requirement, and learning material, then it is advisable to join the britishlifeskills.com. This program will help you throughout the A2 test process.

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