Looking for the best adventure parks in Delhi? Refer to the following guide

Looking for the best adventure parks in Delhi? Refer to the following guide

Let’s be honest! We have always wanted to go back to our childhood days when we didn’t have to worry about anything and could live life joyously. As we grew up, life eventually became harder and a lot of responsibilities came on our shoulders. I understand because I too have been in a place when I just wanted to travel back to early days where there was no tension and only fun. But no matter how much we want it, it is impossible to switch back to our younger selves. So, is there any alternative way to enjoy the childhood phase in life yet again? Well yes, you can get all the fun and excitement from Amusement parks. 

Amusement parks are rejuvenating for it will not only take you back to your childhood but will also momentarily leave your life problems behind and make you engage in something fun. Plus, if you travel with friends, it is one of the best reunion spots. In this regard, I would suggest you visit Delhi as it has some of the best amusement parks that will surely make your trip an exciting one. So, if you want to have an enthralling experience in the rides of the city, you can book hotel online and follow my guide for suggestions. Hopefully, it will turn out beneficial for you. 

Delhi Eye

An amusement park set on a public garden, Kalindi Kunj Park is what sums up the entire definition of this place. If you are wondering about the significance of this name, well, there is a Ferris wheel ride located within the park which has 36 airconditioned cabins, all of which provide a stunning view of the major places of the Delhi city – Red Fort, Humayun’s Tomb, Qutub Minar and Baba I Temple. So, if you want to have an aerial view of this capital city, then add this Ferris wheel ride to your plan right away. This 45 metres huge wheel will take you on a 20 minutes ride and give you the best experience of your life. However, if you have acrophobia, there are also some water slides and winding pools where you can have fun with your mates.   

Adventure Island – Metro Walk

Situated in Delhi NCR, Adventure Island is quite famous among residents in the city. Tourists also make it a point to visit this park at least once on their Delhi tour. Why? The reasons are many! The ride tickets are cheap and they also have happy hours and good deals on the rides. Bush buggies, wave rocker, splashdown, bumper cars and splash dunk are their key rides and you cannot afford to skip these rides on the visit. For the most thrilling experience, after a fun day at the park, you can go to the Metro Walk and do some shopping on your way back home.  

Appu Ghar

An old hit, now reconstructed into a newer version, Appu Ghar is one of the best amusement parks in Delhi. With a rainforest theme induced, here, you can relieve your stress by participating in crazy activities such as Oh my Gurgaon and Free Fall. Both these rides remain the most crowded during the peak season and therefore, if you are planning to visit here, come early and buy tickets to not miss out on these rides. Talking about these rides, Free Fall is a 90 feet slide and you can well imagine how the experience would be like to fall into the waters from such a height. If you love water sports immensely, then you must give this a shot. As far as Oh my Gurgaon ride is concerned, it is a 45-degree loop and so you before you land in the waters, you will have an adventurous moment twisting and turning in the loop of the Gurgaon ride. Since the park remains closed on Saturdays, I made a plan with my friends on Friday and could enjoy these rides as well as the others to your heart’s content. If you are a true thrill-seeker, then I would suggest you not to skip this adventure park. 

Drizzling Land

Located near Delhi-Meerut Expressway, Drizzling Land has some of the best rides for all, irrespective of their ages. While here, you can try their exciting rides such as disc coaster, revolving tower and wave pool. Besides, there is also a special kids entertainment zone where you can take your kids and allow them to have fun with other children in the park. Apart from all these rides, the one thing that fascinated me about this place is Disk Jockey present at the entrance that plays trendy beats to pump your energy level before going for the rides. Whether you are an adult or a kid, this place is for all. So, do not hesitate and add this place to your list and we can guarantee, you will fall in love with this park. 

Worlds of Wonder 

The list of the best adventure parks in Delhi is incomplete without this one. Worlds of Wonder is Asia’s largest amusement park and boasts plenty of rides where you can spend your entire day. We would recommend, do not make any other plans while visiting this place as you won’t be able to finish the rides soon. Featuring 20+ rides, this true to its name ‘wonderland’ is divided into two zones – La Fiesta and Teen Zone. While La Fiesta is for family, Teen Zone is of course, for teens. So, with this segregation of the waterpark, you and all your family members can enjoy the rides here without any worries. So, come soon and have an enthralling experience to remember for life. 

Follow this detailed guide of the best adventure parks in Delhi and let the inner child in you take over this getaway! 

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