Staying In Hotels: Safety Tips

Staying In Hotels: Safety Tips

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For most individuals traveling in RV rentals there is no need to worry about hotels. After all, you have everything you need right there with you for a comfortable stay. But even for those with the best RVs, sometimes you just want to settle in to a nice hotel for the night. There is nothing wrong with treating yourself, but you should always remember to take some safety tips to heart even when staying at higher end hotels. As long as you follow these tips you should be fine, and you can enjoy your hotel stay before heading back out on your road trip.

Utilize The Safe

Most hotels have safes either in the rooms or behind the front desks. These are here for a reason, so don’t overlook them if you’re checking in for the night. You can store any valuables in the safe and can rest easy knowing they are safe. For example, if you’re traveling with cash you can keep in in the safe. The same goes for items such as travel documents and vehicle keys and valuables such as jewelry. Even in the top end hotels you never know who the other guests can be, so you may as well play on the safe side. You can call the hotel ahead of time to make sure they have a safe system either in the room or behind the front desk.

Lock The Doors

You would be surprised to find out how many people forget to lock their hotel doors. Keep in mind that these are not the doors from your home. They are different and they close differently. Plus, the lock systems for different hotel doors are different and there are various procedures to locking them from deadbolts to room key cards. Maybe you don’t have the locking system down or don’t click the door all the way shut. Maybe you’re in a rush to go see the sights in the area. Whatever the case, there are many ways that you can accidentally leave the door unlocked. So each time you leave or come in to your room, take a moment to make sure you’ve closed the door and that it is safely locked. It’s really that simple, so make sure to take that extra moment.

Pay Attention To Alarms And Announcements

Al lot of travelers pay a lot of attention to safety aspects involved with the RV rentals they drive, but not to issues of hotel safety if they are to crash at a lodging for the night. Each hotel has an intercom or announcement system that they only use in the case of emergencies. Safety code regulations require each and every hotel to have an adequate fire alarm and safety system as well. Of course these do nothing for you if you don’t pay them any mind, so make sure to listen to any announcements or alarms that may sound. It could be anything from a fire in the building to a lost child, but the announcements are incredibly important to pay attention to since they could be the key that allows you and your family to escape in the case of an emergency.

Watch Who You Let Into Your Room

Keep in mind that hotels are transient points and that these types of areas unfortunately sometimes bring those with ill intentions. You don’t have to be suspicious of everyone you meet or to avoid speaking to fellow travelers, but there are some steps you can take to make sure you keep yourself and your belongings safe. One is to never let any strangers into your room. Of course you can make judgment calls on the people you meet when on the road, but be careful of who crosses the threshold of your room. For example, if someone comes up to you in the lobby or the outside street and asks to use the phone in your room, this may not be such a good idea. The same goes for people you come across at the bar or at the breakfast buffet. In the end it’s your call, but a general rule of thumb is to not let anyone you don’t know into your hotel room.

As long as you follow these simple safety tips, there is no reason to worry when staying in a hotel. For as long as there has been RV rentals travel, there have been travelers treating themselves to a night in a hotel while on a long road trip. You can do the same, which will leave you well rested and ready to hit the road for the remainder of your journey. Just like you do when on the road, be careful and keep yourself safe when staying in a hotel. All it takes is knowing these tips and putting them to use.

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